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Xbox 360 Lower Dash Kernels "JTAGGABLE NOT JTAGGED"
Always in stock
$90 Firm
PS3 Replacement Laser $90
90 day Warranty
Xbox360 Re-flows $40
Fixes RROD issues comes with 60 day warranty
All Re-flows are done on a infrared Bga Re-work station (Achi IR-)
Thermal paste is replaced with Arctic Silver Ceramique not AS5
Xbox360 Re-balls $65Fixes RROD issues but GPU is re-balled with lead solder balls.
Comes with 90 day warranty
Xbox360 Fan Mods $10
Will install a fan mod in system to help pro-long the life of your console.
Systems overheating is the #1 cause for all Red rings
Xbox360 Pot tweaking $10
Have a drive that doesn't read games all that well?
Well you could very well just need a pot adjustment
Xbox360 laser replacements $20
90 Day Warranty
Maybe your drive needs a new laser all together.
Lower Dash Xbox 360 Fixes $30
Have a drive with a lower kernel? Bring it in and we'll get you fixed up
Xbox360 Dvd Drive replacements $30
90 Day Warranty
Xbox360 Parts $5 and up
Disc Drives
Gpu's (re-balled or not)
Heat sinks (1st and 2nd Gen)
Cases (white non hdmi and hdmi)
Dvd drive Cables (sata and power)
Ring of Light Boards (ROL)
All prices include tax
Many other console services available. Email for quotes
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